We carry a wide range of supplies, including quality Nutrisource Dog Food, including grain free, large and small breed, puppy, performance and weight management formulas in dry and cans.. 

We also have a wide variety of treats, grain free, soft or crunchy. 

We have a wide assortment of grooming tools, brushes, combs, rakes, nail clippers, etc. to help keep your dog looking its best! 

We also stock a number of different shampoos & conditioners, for a variety of issues, including itching, allergies, de-skunk, de-flea, whitening, and all around scrubbing. Pet colognes will complete the cleaning and de-stinking process! Breath fresheners, tear stain removers, ear treatments are some of our other products.

Many of the different toys we have available will keep dogs occupied for hours. We also have several different chew toy options available to help keep Fido's mind off of your antique furniture!

Wire dog crates and exercise pens can be a lifesaver to help with housebreaking, travel, and emergency confinement.